Chateau De’Kush Announces Launch of Two New Hemp-Infused Alcohol-Free Wines: Liberta and SpiritFlower

Liberta and SpiritFlower have been positioned as Elixirs of Freedom – “True Liberation You Can Feel.”

NAPA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2023 / — Chateau De’Kush, a premier USA-certified hemp CBD wine producer, has unveiled two new hemp CBD wines: Liberta and SpiritFlower. Available in both 750ml bottles and 250ml cans, these wines offer both full and broad-spectrum options, catering to diverse preferences and relaxation with the wellness attributes of CBD, all while delivering on taste and potency without the harmful effects of alcohol.

Emphasizing quality, customer service, and a deep connection to Africa’s rich history, Chateau De’Kush infuses each product with carefully selected ingredients. The wines are a testament to a meticulous blend of premium California Central Coast grapes and Africa’s ancient medicinal plants.

Rooted in the unique AfriCalifornia connection, the brand melds California’s viticulture with the wild spirit of Africa’s exotic hemp, sourced from its expansive 12,000-acre African Family Farms. Liberta and SpiritFlower, symbolizing this synergy, are crafted and bottled in California’s Central Coast wine region.

Chateau De’Kush, a brand that pays homage to its ancestors, including the revered African Kingdom of Kush, a cornerstone of ancient civilization, embodies the AFRICali Experience. This experience reflects Africa’s resilient spirit, rising from adversity to embrace genuine healing. It celebrates the convergence of two worlds, honoring their rich histories and the pursuit of freedom. Through their products, Chateau De’Kush forges a path to enjoyment and well-being.

Supporting Chateau De Kush means more than a simple transaction; it’s about creating waves of change. Each purchase aids in empowering women and children and bolstering vulnerable communities, effectively transforming lives—one life, one place, one world at a time.

With a team of diverse professionals, Chateau De’Kush is committed to crafting organic, quality products. Each purchase represents a meaningful two-way exchange, enhancing personal wellness and impacting lives and communities positively.

Chateau De’Kush believes in “Add Good, Do Good, Feel Good.” Join them on this journey to create a better world filled with hope, healing, and the power of human connection.

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