CataBoom, Leader in Gamification and Incentivized Engagements, Launches Four New Games for First Quarter 2023

CataBoom, a leader in gamification and incentivized engagements, today announced the launch of four new games for the first quarter of 2023. WordFury, DropIn, MatchIt, and SwipeIt utilize the CataBoom Catapult platform to drive engagement and success for companies across multiple industries. Joining the 200+ existing games in the CataBoom library, these games mark the launch of a series of new mechanics making their monthly debut throughout the year.

"We are so excited to offer even more gamification options for our current and future clients," said Aaron Lobliner, chief client officer of CataBoom. "Our innovative development team has been working tirelessly to create even more fun, on-trend mechanics that can help build any brand, boost campaigns, and deliver real results. All of which will continue to provide our satisfied clients with the right tools to drive consumer behavior and engagement." 

CataBoom kicked off 2023 with the launch of WordFury, the company's answer to the popular puzzle game Wordle. Designed with even more creative options, WordFury can implement any word (or non-word) a client wishes into the mechanic, as well as allowing the use of words of varying lengths configured on a time/date schedule.

Next to launch was DropIn, the company's answer to Plinko! With ten win and one loss positions, DropIn can allow the ball to spin and bounce at different heights, tailoring where it will ultimately land. 

The new match game MatchIt is a fun and challenging way for users to test their memory skills. Featuring a full 11 exit levels for both odds and time-based prizing, MatchIt also features the possibility of custom front and back tile imagery and configurable play time.

SwipeIt is CataBoom's Tinder-esque mechanic where players swipe to the right (like/agree) or left (dislike/disagree). Providing a fun way for users to engage with content, this mechanic allows any brand to collect valuable data to improve the consumer experience.

Like every game launched by the CataBoom Catapult, each of the four new options can be branded with colors, text colors, image backgrounds, and more. The games seamlessly connect to the prizing engine, allowing players to be rewarded with instant win chances, sweepstakes entries, offers or extra content. 

About CataBoom

CataBoom has helped brands deliver the "Boom!" since 2014 via its Catapult platform, the most powerful and intuitive gamification and rewards engine available. As an early pioneer in the industry, CataBoom has delivered 300 million transactions (and counting) to some of the most respected brands in the world. Our SaaS-based gamification and rewards platform is designed with the flexibility to be self-service and full-featured, enabling the creation and launching of digital campaigns faster and at a lower cost than traditional methods. The easy-to-use mechanics can be reconfigured in infinite ways to drive dramatic improvements in engagement and loyalty. For more, visit

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