BRICS Innovation Forum in Moscow will have the participation of a renowned Brazilian

Luiz Góes is a famous speaker in Dubai

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, August 23, 2023/ — The renowned technology entrepreneur and CEO, Luiz Góes, is poised to play a truly prominent role on the international stage. Scheduled to take place from August 27th to 29th, 2023, the upcoming BRICS Innovation Forum reserves a prominent position for him as one of the key participants.

This prestigious BRICS Innovation Forum brings together leaders and experts from a myriad of sectors to deliberate on the latest technological trends and innovations shaping the global landscape. With Luiz Góes being a part of this assembly, the event benefits from the extensive experience of one of the top executives in the technology and finance ecosystem.

Luiz Góes’ accomplishments do not go unnoticed. His role as CEO and his entrepreneurial vision have been instrumental in propelling companies like LYOPAY and LFI to leadership positions in the international innovation and financial services scene. His undeniable contribution to the growth and development of these companies is widely recognized.

During the BRICS event, Luiz Góes will take an active role, contributing to panel discussions and delivering inspiring lectures. His wealth of experience will translate into valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities permeating the technology and finance sectors today.

In his own words, Luiz Góes expressed his enthusiasm for this standout event: “I’m excited to be part of the BRICS Innovation Forum and contribute to the conversations that will shape the future of technological innovation in our countries.” This participation not only solidifies his position as a visionary leader but also as an agent of positive change on the global stage.

Under the guidance of Luiz Góes, LYOPAY and LFI are committed to driving innovation, promoting financial inclusion, and fostering sustainable growth. His active participation in the BRICS Innovation Forum attests to his ongoing commitment to leading positive and impactful changes in the sectors he operates in.

These companies are noteworthy for their respective focuses: LYOPAY is a leader in providing innovative and sustainable financial solutions, with an emphasis on financial inclusion and digital transformation; LFI, on the other hand, is an advanced technological platform that offers tailored solutions for financial institutions worldwide, enabling them to adapt to the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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