Big Sky Recycling Partners with Call to Safety to Combat Domestic and Sexual Violence

Big Sky Recycling, a leading cell phone recycling company and Certified B Corporation, has announced a partnership with Oregon non-profit Call to Safety to combat domestic and sexual violence.

Big Sky Recycling Logo

Big Sky Recycling Logo

According to statistics from National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), 39.8% of women in Oregon and 36.2% of Oregon men experience physical violence from their partners during their lifetime. In 2018, Oregon domestic violence services fielded over 128,000 calls for help. Call to Safety offers a 24/7 crisis line, follow-up advocacy for survivors, support groups, community outreach and education, and sexual assault Medical Advocacy for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

Launched in 2019, Big Sky Recycling is dedicated to reducing e-waste and supporting non-profits. The company is partnering with Call to Safety, helping the non-profit in its mission to end domestic and sexual violence.

"Big Sky Recycling is thrilled to partner with Call to Safety," said Wesley Poritz, Founder of Big Sky Recycling. "Our commitment to the environment and the community is reflected in our recycling efforts and our dedication to supporting non-profit organizations. We, like Call to Safety, believe it is our responsibility to give back to the community and help make a positive impact"

"Our mission to end domestic and sexual violence and the vital work we do is in partnership with our community and businesses," said Ryan Peters, Development Coordinator at Call to Safety. "We are grateful to be partnering with Big Sky Recycling in this initiative."

To support the partnership and help combat domestic and sexual violence, businesses and individuals are encouraged to donate their old and unused cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. A portion of proceeds from the recycled cell phones will be donated to Call to Safety. Big Sky Recycling follows strict standards to ensure data destruction on all recycled phones and provides step-by-step instructions on how to erase data before sending it to be recycled. Donations of five or more devices will receive free pre-paid shipping.

For further information about Big Sky Recycling or to donate cell phones, visit:

For information about Call to Safety and the services they offer, visit:

Contact Information:
Wesley Poritz
[email protected]

Original Source: Big Sky Recycling Partners with Call to Safety to Combat Domestic and Sexual Violence
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