Banuba, an Industry-Leading Augmented Reality Company, Joins VR/AR Association

Banuba VR\/AR Association

Banuba VR\/AR Association

Banuba, a leading computer vision company, has become a member of VR/AR Association — a global organization uniting the most prominent companies in the mixed reality industry. Its members' list includes Meta, ByteDance, Siemens, Lenovo, Bosch and many other high-profile AR/VR public companies.

VR/AR Association membership will allow Banuba to participate in weekly meets and industry-specific events (e.g. Healthcare Forum and Education Forum). It will also let Banuba join a number of committees engaged in developing best practices for certain verticals.

Banuba is a pioneer in Face AR, leveraging our patented technology, AI, and effective AR Digitization systems for eCommerce, Telecommunications (including video conferencing), and Social Networking. 

Banuba has also made notable gains in hand tracking - detecting the precise location of a human hand in a picture or video. This technology allows accurately trying on rings, bracelets, watches, and other hand jewelry, as well as controlling electronic devices with gestures.

Banuba offers three products, all of which use AR extensively.

  1. Face AR SDK. A premade module that can quickly be integrated in a web, desktop, or mobile application and perform a number of functions: add 3D masks, replace backgrounds on videos and images, allow for virtual try-on of jewelry, headwear, glasses, etc. Besides a blanket decrease in time-to-market, Face AR SDK helps increase conversion rate for eCommerce businesses, boost camera enablement and engagement for video conferencing companies, and enable unique features for other industries. Face AR SDK helps apps get over 100 million sessions with AR features every month.
  2. Video Editor SDK/API. A full-fledged mobile video editor with both core (trimming, sound editing, etc.) and advanced features, including AR filters and effects. Installing it helps release the app much quicker than building similar functions from scratch. VideoEditor SDK has one of the simplest integration processes on the market. In practice, it can cut an app's time-to-market by up to 50%. Besides, making video creation more convenient raises the app's k-factor and the amount of user-generated content.
  3. TINT. A cutting-edge virtual try-on solution for beauty products. It boasts the most realistic virtual cosmetics on the market, automated seasonal color analysis, and ultra-fast digitization of new products (up to 48 hours for an entire collection). As a result, it can massively boost sales (up to +200%) and decrease returns (up to -60%).

Banuba has more than 20 patents in AR and AI. It employs over 50 artificial intelligence and augmented reality experts and is known for offering the most advanced AR Beauty and Tech Virtual Try-on experience.  


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