Americas Market Intelligence Publishes 10 Year-Outlook Forecast for Latin America

Americas Market Intelligence (AMI) has just published a new report, entitled The 10-Year Outlook for Latin America, which is available for free download on the AMI website.

Based on AMI's 30 years of experience in conducting market intelligence for Latin America, The 10-Year Outlook for Latin America (which covers from 2023 to 2033) highlights several massive, long-term trends that are taking place in the region and explains how they will reshape the region over the next decade. "Forecasting is always a risky endeavor," explains John Price, Managing Director of AMI. "That's why most Latin American forecasts cover only the upcoming year. But after conducting 4,000+ studies, we've observed some seismic shifts that companies should pay attention to, so we created this report."

The report starts by looking at the impact of Latin America's aging population on consumption and how declining fertility will actually expand the middle class, as well as other ripples from demographic shifts. Then the report highlights how the tech boom is affecting media consumption, data demand, power demand (which will double over the next 15 years), e-commerce demand (which will affect face-to-face retail significantly) and more. The report also maps out adoption for 8 disruptive technologies that will provide both opportunities and challenges for the region's businesses.

From there, The 10-Year Outlook for Latin America looks at changing macroeconomic conditions—particularly the end of cheap capital, cheap labor and cheap resources—and how this will benefit Latin America. The report wraps up with a look at 35 industries that will experience fast growth (and negative growth) over the next decade. "In working with a number of Fortune 100 companies, we've learned how important it is to plan further out and anticipate big changes rumbling under the surface events before it's too late," says Price. "So we hope the Outlook helps companies in developing their strategic planning as these major shifts play out."

Click here to download The 10-Year Outlook for Latin America.

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