All Winners at the 2022 UC Berkeley AI Summit Hackathon Used Aible to Beat Experienced Data Scientists in Minutes

Students nationwide solved a real-world data science challenge at Berkeley AI Summit with Aible

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Aible, the only enterprise AI solution that guarantees impact in 30 days, today announced the winners of the 3rd annual UC Berkeley AI Summit Real World AI Challenge. The contest was held as part of the Berkeley AI Summit, which aims to bridge the gap between AI research and business applications. Participants included students from high schools and universities across the country, including Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, Northeastern University in Massachusetts, Barry University in Florida, University of Southern Mississippi, University of Colorado, as well as professionals from several multinational enterprises as well.

In this year's event, students outperformed professionals across all categories in both scores and time to submission, claiming the top prizes at the event. The virtually held event challenged participants to solve a business problem using a data science or AI tool of their choice. All winning submissions this year used Aible, which continues the trend from previous year's hackathons (2019 Challenge and 2021 Challenge), where the scores of Aible users had been significantly higher than the scores of non-Aible users who leveraged other technologies, including Tensorflow, Neural Network, Tableau, Microsoft Azure among other modeling tools. For example, in the 2021 AI Challenge, the best Aible user score was 20% better than the best non-Aible user score on the business metric that the submissions were evaluated on.

Winners announced across three categories

The winner in the Non-Data Scientist Category, which was also the best overall submission, was Dhananjay Prahladka, an MBA candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, who used Aible to solve the challenge. According to Prahladka, "Coming in with limited prior data science experience, I was surprised with how easy it was to create multiple data science models using Aible. Not only was it easy to compare the statistical performance of the models, but the business impact of using each model."

In the High School Student category, Ishanika Damani of Lightridge High School in Virginia, and Manav Gagvani of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, also in Virginia, took the top place. The tied winners in this category had the same scores and made submissions within five seconds of each other.

The top submission for the Data Scientist category was claimed by Tiffany Shih, an MBA and MEng Candidate at UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business. Shih was a summer associate at BlackRock and an experienced Data Science Consultant at Accenture.

Special mention awards were presented to Aayush Gautam and Peter Huynh of the University of Southern Mississippi, Anumpam Soni of UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, and Akeem Palmer of Lakehead University. The four submissions were within 0.03% of the best overall score. 

This year, the hackathon contest was judged by Gregory LaBlanc, Lecturer and Distinguished Teaching Fellow at UC Berkeley, Dr. Hernan Londono, Senior Strategist - Higher Education, Dell Technologies, and Dr. Matthew McCarville, CIO at the University of Colorado Denver. 

According to Dr. Hernan Londono, "What an amazing experience it was to judge this AI Summit. It was great to see involvement from such a diverse group of competitors. Most importantly, it is clear AI skill-building is gaining traction very fast." 

Added Gregory LaBlanc, "It was great to see how many groups were engaged in the challenge. Once again, the power of new tools, in this case, Aible, was highlighted, making actionable data science available to technical and nontechnical teams alike."

Aible Offers 7-Day Free Trial

Students and professionals looking to evaluate Aible for analytics and AI projects can now leverage a free trial for Aible, available here.

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