Aadmi Announces Spin-Off EOR Service to Create Engage Anywhere

Two Independent Entities Will Cater to High Demand for their Industry-Leading Services

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Aadmi, a leading enterprise technology provider, recently announced a spin-off of their Employer of Record (EOR) services from the rest of their enterprise solutions. The move was made to keep up with the high demand for EOR services and is intended to unlock more value for consumers and shareholders.

Speaking at the recent launch event, the owners of the company, Daniel Mendieta and Priya Licht, said, "We are extremely excited to announce that Aadmi has officially split out its Employer of Record (EOR) services and created a new entity, Engage Anywhere (engageanywhere.com). But we have even bigger news in Mr. Victor Lobo coming in as the Co-Founder and CEO. Victor is a highly experienced, successful, and well-regarded business leader in this space, and we are delighted to have him take the reins of our new company."

Mr. Mendieta further stated, "Victor most recently was the Chief Revenue Officer at Blue Marble Payroll, where, over the course of seven years, he helped build it from the ground up, ultimately leading to its acquisition by Paylocity last year."

He continued by saying, "Vic has had plenty of experience before and between, including working at fintech startup EmiFinancial, and the large payroll firm, ADP. He is truly a pro at managing the revenue function, developing strategy, and growing a business. His experience will be critical to increasing coverage to more countries while we deploy a best-in-class technology at the same time as increasing our client support team."

An Employer of Record acts as the official employer for people who are working with a business that is not ready to or does not want to establish a registered entity in another country. Traditional employment responsibilities and obligations are assumed by the EOR, thereby enabling organizations without a local legal presence to lawfully hire employees abroad. EOR services, which include payroll, taxes, and compliance, primarily fall under the purview of finance, legal, and human resources departments. Employer of record services can be useful for managing payroll and HR compliance for employees across several jurisdictions. In addition to being able to pay your staff easily and within 30 days, you don't have to worry about learning and adhering to regulations in various regions since the EOR keeps current with state and local legislation.

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With over five decades of international HR and payroll experience, the Engage Anywhere founding team has a well-honed approach to providing uniquely tailored solutions for your global business operations. We provide an efficient and easy-to-use tech solution while addressing the equally important need for a human touch. Our client service team knows that each employee is different and is here to help you answer questions that software alone cannot solve.

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