800.com Integrates PayPal Into Its Checkout Process

Paypal Checkout Process Streamlines Shopping Experience, Improving Customer Satisfaction with One-Click Payments

800.com, a leading cloud-based telecoms provider, is onboarding PayPal as a checkout option for its customers. The addition will take effect on Feb. 9, 2023, and will apply to both the website and app. 

PayPal, a reliable and trusted payment platform used worldwide, provides a secure, convenient way to send and receive money online, via mobile device, or in-store. PayPal's digital infrastructure and policies ensure that financial information is kept safe during the checkout process. According to recent studies, websites that accepted PayPal Express Checkout experienced 47% higher conversion rates than those that did not. This makes PayPal an even more appealing choice for businesses seeking a secure and reliable payment system.

Paypal promises convenience and flexibility as users no longer need to enter their credit card numbers manually. New customers benefit from a smoother checkout process that saves them time and ensures faster payment. The introduction of PayPal also enhances customer satisfaction by giving them more choices in how they wish to pay.

800.com provides toll-free and vanity phone numbers to enable businesses of all sizes to boost sales by empowering customers with a convenient communication solution via voice or text. The company also offers call forwarding, call tracking, call analytics, business texting, and APIs that enhance throughput. The company allows customers to use their toll-free number or purchase an existing one. 

Contact Information:
Dan Annetts
Director of Outreach
[email protected]

Original Source: 800.com Integrates PayPal Into Its Checkout Process
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