365 Launches New Financial E-Learning Platform and а #21DaysFREE Campaign

Learn Finance and Become a Certified Expert with 365 Financial Analyst

The new online learning platform, 365 Financial Analyst, provides 100% free unlimited access to all content for three weeks. From March 1 to 21, everyone can take finance courses from world-class experts, earn verifiable certificates of achievement, and advance their career free of charge. 

The Company 

365 is an established online education provider known for its beginner-friendly e-learning platform 365 Data Science. Its high-quality, affordable training has helped over two million people worldwide to upskill and increase their job prospects. 

Every aspect of the program—the engaging content, structured career tracks, gamified platform, and rewards—is designed to motivate students and equip them with the skills to succeed in a competitive job market. 

"We aim to deliver the highest-quality training to our students and constantly look for ways to improve their learning experience," says Ned Krastev, CEO of 365. "365 Financial Analyst is a continuation of our effort to create accessible, top-tier education and open the door to lucrative career paths for people worldwide." 

What Is 365 Financial Analyst? 

365 Financial Analyst offers beginner-to-advanced courses for financial analysts, investment bankers, and investment analysts. The program prepares students and career switchers for investment banking and corporate finance jobs and helps professionals advance their careers. 

The new learning platform comprises features that have proven effective in motivating 365 Data Science's students, tailored to the needs of finance learners, including: 

World-class finance courses from industry experts who have worked for Coca-Cola, PwC, Morgan Stanley, HSBC, etc. 

In-demand training in Excel, PowerPoint, accounting, financial modeling, valuation, financial reporting, portfolio management, and equity and fixed-income investments 

Structured career tracks for financial analysts, investment bankers, and investment analysts 

Practical exercises, hands-on exams, and verifiable certificates of achievement 

A gamified learning platform, motivational rewards, and collectible cards with hand-drawn portraits of finance pioneers 

Try 365 Financial Analyst for Free 

To celebrate the launch of 365 Financial Analyst, the #21DaysFREE campaign unlocks the entire platform for a limited time and allows everyone to try the program and learn for free. From March 1 to 21, students can access all finance courses, acquire new skills, and earn certificates of achievement at no cost. 

The only requirement is to sign up for 365 Financial Analyst. No Credit Card is required. 

Subscribers can boost their finance careers and acquire the skills to thrive in this competitive industry. While 21 days is not enough to become a fully-fledged professional, it is sufficient to take a big step toward a desired path. Make the most of the unlimited access to 365 Financial Analyst. Join the program and learn for free at 365financialanalyst.com  

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Original Source: 365 Launches New Financial E-Learning Platform and а #21DaysFREE Campaign
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