2 Out of 3 Americans Buy More Online Now Than Before the Pandemic



MIAMI - December 1, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Christmas and Black Friday are crucial moments for the retail sector in the United States. However, brands have started to reevaluate their customers' needs during this period of considerable economic uncertainty. With this in mind, the consulting firm, MARCO, has done a research study called 'The MARCO Research: Post Covid Consumer Behavior II', which surveyed three continents to analyze consumer trends and behaviors.

According to the survey, 66% of Americans say they have started to buy products online more frequently since COVID-19. Large retail multinationals are aware of these trends and are moving away from physical stores, and betting on digital strategies to improve the online experience for their customers.

In this regard, the retail sector is a great supporter of e-commerce and this year, despite the rise of inflation and the imminent economic slowdown, they are expecting a good year-end. In fact, the main global companies such as Inditex, H&M and Adidas have announced an increase in their shares and are offering higher offers than the last two years. However, they are also being affected by the current situation. Amazon, for example, has become the first company in history to decrease in value by 3 trillion dollars on the American stock market.

When it comes to buying online, some sectors are more popular than others. 44% of Americans indicate clothes and fashion items are the products they buy the most online. The second most successful are tickets to concerts and sport events (41%), with airline tickets coming in third (40%). Americans are less likely to purchase medicines and make-up online, with 55% and 52% (respectively) indicating that they prefer to buy these items in physical stores. 

In addition, the survey reveals that television ads (33%) and influencer recommendations (29%) are the two channels that have the greatest influence on Americans when it comes to choosing one brand over another. 

According, Didier Lagae, founder and CEO of MARCO: "Although the ravages of the coronavirus are behind us, the consequences for consumers are yet to be fully understood. Brands are facing increasingly heterogeneous target audiences that need to be hyper-segmented in order to offer quality and effective communication". Noelia Cruzado, Partner and Managing Director of MARCO, adds: "Connecting with consumers has become the main objective of companies, while generational differences have become more palpable."


MARCO is the most awarded and best-valued global agency based in Madrid, specialised in branding and reputation building. Formed by a team of more than 130 consultants, we operate in Madrid, London, Miami, Mexico, among others. It is affiliated with MSL offices in around 100 markets. MARCO was once again awarded Iberian and European Agency of the Year for the Sabre Awards and Excellence.

'The MARCO Research: Post Covid Consumer Behavior II', surveyed 14 markets from May to June 2022, with representative permission marketing-based sampling carried out by CINT. The report can be consulted here.

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